Goods and Services




1). Tender Notices Published by PDASL or operators and other service sub Contractors engaged in Oil and Gas operations in Sri Lanka

2). E&P Opportunities/Technical Assistance Programs

Multi-client Airborne acquisition, processing, marketing and licensing of Gravity, Gravity Gradiometry and Magnetic data

3). Supplier Development Programs

Encourage local suppliers to make requests for specific areas of interest that can be facilitated by PDASL through local/foreign industry professionals

Submit your interest to attention to Director Benefits

4). Success stories of local suppliers engaged in upstream oil and gas business

Local goods and services suppliers engaged in Sri Lanka operations and/or other support services for international O&G companies

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· Success stories/achievements by local suppliers in Sri Lanka upstream operations are mentioned in detail in the Sri Lanka Upstream Benefits Reports.

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·The Sri Lanka Upstream Local Content Guidelines provides provisions for participation and development of local goods and services for Sri Lankans in the upstream oil and gas operations.

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