Training & Education

The training and educational assistance under the following categories are offered by PRDS with the assistance of oil and gas operators, service sub contractors and industry professionals. Individual groups/Institutes are encouraged to send their interest/requests to PRDS and the assistance will be extended depend on the availability of financial and human resources.

Activity Date/Duration
1). Short Training Programs - with the assistance of foreign/local industry professionals Max 20 participants per program
2). Limited Industrial training Opportunities - at PRDS or Contractor’s facility Max 3 Interns per Annum

A letter of request from the university or vocational/technical training institute with Student’s copy of ID & CV is required for approval.
3). Educational Assistance - Teaching assistance/Guest Lectures to educational institutes, higher education scholarships, laboratory upgradation with software/ hardware, curriculum development, R & D assistance, International educational collaborations Submit a request with a brief proposal
4). Awareness/ exposure - networking/awareness sessions, conferences, workshops, field visits, participate in exhibitions/ competitions, international Speaker positions Limited opportunities

These events will be posted under "latest News" when available